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Photograph by Bob Brink

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Danger Tree Memorial Site

by Morgan MacDonald



Grenfell Campus, Forest Centre, Corner Brook

20 University Dr., Corner Brook, NL A2H 5G5

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The Danger Tree Memorial Site is located on the grounds of the Forest Centre at Grenfell Campus. It encompasses a bronze sculpture of a replica of the Danger Tree and a life-sized bronze statue of a Royal Newfoundland Regiment soldier approaching it. The installation of the works is a reminder of the devastating loss of lives at Beaumont Hamel as Regiment soldiers moved towards the marker of a solitary tree. They are works by sculptor Morgan MacDonald. Watch the video to hear MacDonald talk about the significance of the Danger Tree sculpture.

MacDonald created the statue of the soldier in the likeness of Pte. Hugh McWhirter, who was from the Humbermouth area, now part of Corner Brook. He was the first soldier from the First Battalion of the Royal Newfoundland Regiment to be killed in combat on September 22, 1915, when the Regiment landed on the beaches of Suvla Bay on the Gallipoli Peninsula.

The Danger Tree was unveiled in 2016 to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the First World War, and the statue of Pte. Hugh McWhirter in 2019 as part of the Corner Brook Come Home Year celebrations. Both sculptures are gifts to Memorial University from the Forget-Me-Not Campaign Committee.

Artist bio

Morgan MacDonald holds degrees in Fine Art (Grenfell) and Business (Memorial), and runs his Newfoundland Bronze Foundry from Logy Bay, NL. He uses lost wax casting to create works that are highly realistic and technical in nature with an emphasis on our deepest expressive human qualities. He is the recipient of the Memorial University 2016 Horizon Awards for outstanding achievement under the age of 35.

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