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Photograph by Marc Losier

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Still Life III (Narratives of Loss)

by Marc Losier


(Vinyl print mounted on dibond)

Trout River Fish Plant, Trout River

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This photographic mural is a composite photograph taken of a blue whale skeleton in the storage facilities of the Royal Ontario Museum. The whale pictured here is culturally and ecologically significant to Trout River, as it was recovered from the shores of this community in 2014 before being shipped to Ontario to be included in the collections of the ROM. It was one of nine blue whales that died that year in the Gulf of Saint Lawrence, overwhelmed by sea ice linked to climate change. Their loss represented about three per cent of the Northwest Atlantic's blue whale population. This work continues artist Marc Losier’s exploration into the evolving cultural and scientific economies of marine mammals around the world, through his series, Narratives of Loss.

In Narratives of Loss, Losier focuses on the commodification of this blue whale skeleton recovered from the shores of Western Newfoundland. Through installation, photography and moving images the artist fragments, reveals and conceals the whale body in its many environs of display in order to re-consider shifting relationships between animals, resources and the environmental modalities of our time. Creative Gros Morne commissioned this work as part of their Connecting through Culture Program. The photographic mural was installed on the exterior wall of Allen's Fisheries factory building in late 2020.

The artist gratefully acknowledges the support of the Town of Trout River, The Royal Ontario Museum, Creative Gros Morne, the Newfoundland and Labrador Arts Council, and the Canada Council for the Arts.

Follow the links to learn more about the story of the blue whales and Losier's Narratives of Loss project.

Artist bio

Marc Losier is a Canadian artist based in Corner Brook/Elmastukwek, Bay of Islands in Newfoundland, where he is a faculty member in the Visual Arts program at Memorial University's Grenfell Campus. He works in a range of media including photography, film, installation and sound. Losier’s art practice is influenced by his background in music and photojournalism, a combination that drives his interests in media, industry, visual consumption and performativity, particularly as they relate to notions of documentary and the archive.

Marc Losier's Website

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