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by Sabrina Pinksen


(latex paint)

A fish stage on the government wharf in Wild Cove, White Bay

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Located in Wild Cove, this mural pays homage to the local fishing community. The face of a sailor is depicted, as well as the fish flakes that fishermen used in the past to dry their fish. Wild Cove has recently started digging into its history and as one of the smallest communities on the island, its population continues to dwindle, now at about 50 people. Residents are working to bring new life and movement to their outport town, and to help viewers understand the culture and history that birthed their community.

Artist bio

Sabrina Pinksen is a writer and painter from Wild Cove, White Bay, NL. She holds a BA from Memorial University and is an MFA candidate at the University of Guelph. Her work explores identity informed by place, both her upbringing in outport Newfoundland and the four years she spent teaching English in Vietnam. Through story, both written and visual, she hopes to challenge the erasure of rural communities like her own. She is a recipient of a 2022 Arts & Letters Award and her work has appeared in Newfoundland Quarterly.

Sabrina Pinksen's website

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