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Photograph by Bob Brink

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Seed Pod

by Karl Ciesluk



Kirby's Garden, Pouch Cove

Kirby's Ln., Pouch Cove, NL A0A 3L0

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Karl Ciesluk came to Pouch Cove in 2005 to participate in the Pouch Cove Foundation residency program. During his time in Pouch Cove, he was interested in sculpting and making marks on natural rocks. Some of these sculpted rocks can still be found by the riverbed or by the beach. When he saw a new park in the centre of the town, Ciesluk knew he had found a home for this particular rock. The town accepted his gift and moved the rock to its present location.

Abstract art allows viewers to form free associations; in this case, "big eye," "peanut" and "oyster with a pearl" are just a few examples of how viewers respond to the work. When asked the title of the work, Ciesluk simply said Seed Pod would be fine.

Artist bio

Karl Ciesluk is a sculptor and land artist from Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. His aim is to benefit both the artistic and general community by introducing an innovative new art form they can accept and appreciate. Living Organic Art such as this enhances the city, something needed in the urban environment, and at the same time exposes and opens the public to a new art form; Land Art.

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