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Peace Be With You

by Rod F. Beck


(exterior paint)

Holy Innocents Anglican Church, Paradise, NL

297 Paradise Rd., Paradise, NL A1L 2V5

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This mural was commissioned by Rev. Barter of Holy Innocents Anglican Church in Paradise. The church had created a garden area in front of a grey foundation wall that they wanted to spruce up, and put out a call on social media seeking volunteers. Artist Rod F. Beck learned of the opportunity, visited the site, discussed his idea with Rev. Barter and created a concept drawing, which was approved. "I stuck with the garden idea, large plants with two large hands, one male and one female - not quite touching - coming together as a set of praying hands," Beck says. The artist used warm pinks and oranges for the female hand, and cold blues and purples for the male hand, to help convey emotion. "These coloured hands represent all races coming together in prayer and working together," Beck adds.

Artist bio

Rod F. Beck is an artist and art teacher born in Port au Bras (now part of Burin) in 1968. He earned a Diploma of Applied Arts in Visual Art at Bay St. George Community College (now College of the North Atlantic) in Stephenville in 1988; a BFA at Nova Scotia College of Art & Design (NSCAD), majoring in Ceramics, in 1991; and a BFA Ed, also at NSCAD, in 1993. He taught in South Korea for four years and spent 14 years in Ontario before returning to Newfoundland in 2015. He currenlty teaches high school art in Stephenville. He has completed 18 murals in total, including personal work and collaborative works with students. This is his most recent personal project.

Rod F. Beck

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