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Photograph by Bob Brink

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Ktaqmkuk - Msit No'kmaq

by Jordan Bennett


Rawlins Cross, St. John's

117 Military Rd., St. John's, NL A1C 2E4

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Mi’kmaq visual artist Jordan Bennett created the mural Ktaqmkuk - Msit No’kmaq as part of the 2018 Identity: A Celebration of Indigenous Arts and Culture festival organized by Eastern Edge Gallery, an artist-run centre. The mural project is an example of a collaborative partnership involving Eastern Edge Gallery, the City of St. John’s and The Paint Shop.

Located in a small green space at the corner of King's Road and Queen's Road, known as Rawlins Cross, Bennett’s mural features symbols and images drawn from Mi’kmaq and Beothuk culture.

Artist bio

Jordan Bennett is a Mi’kmaq visual from Stephenville Crossing, Ktaqamkuk (Newfoundland). Jordan's ongoing practice utilizes painting, sculpture, video, installation and sound to explore land, language, the act of visiting, familial histories and challenging colonial perceptions of indigenous histories and presence with a focus on exploring Mi’kmaq and Beothuk visual culture of Ktaqamkuk.

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