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Photograph by Robert Hengeveld

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passing where to

by Robert Hengeveld


(Aluminum tubing)

Woody Cove, Rocky Harbour

Rocky Harbour, NL A0K 4N0

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Located at Woody Cove near the Lobster Cove Head Lighthouse, passing where to is a transitory installation created by Corner Brook-based installation and media artist Robert Hengeveld as part of the 2019 Bonavista Biennale. Hengeveld used aluminum tubing to construct a full-scale, three-dimensional outline of a historical home in the Mockbeggar area of Bonavista. After installing the work in four different sites during the Bonavista Biennale, passing where to was relocated to Cow Head in the fall of 2020 before occupying its place in Woody Cove.

As per the Creative Gros Morne website, passing where to “explores histories of resettlement, concepts of ‘home’ and ‘place’ and builds on the cultural histories of the province...with a particular focus on abandoned communities within the Gros Morne region.”

Artist bio

Robert Hengeveld is an artist living in Newfoundland. His creative practice considers the cultural relationships to the world around us, with a particular focus on marine plastics and emerging robotics. Projects often develop through collaborative investigation, incorporating the expertise and insight of engineers, musicians, choreographers, poets, community members and other artists. Hengeveld has presented his work and lectures across Canada and internationally. Past exhibitions include Bonavista Biennale (Bonavista, NL), Hallwalls Contemporary Arts Center (Buffalo, US), Art Athina (Athens, GC), Mercer Union (Toronto, ON), Mulherin New York (NYC, US), Opinion Makers (London, UK), and Lativan National Museum of Art (Riga, LV).

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