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Photograph by Bob Brink

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Bishop Spencer Monument

by Luben Boykov



Military Road, St. John's

94 Military Rd., St. John's, NL A1C 2E1

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The Spencer Girl or Bishop Spencer Monument commemorates the Bishop Spencer College, a diocesan school for girls in St. John's. The school was opened in 1845 and ceased operations in 1972. The life-sized statue depicts a little girl, leaning against a wall, counting her fingers. People interact with the sculpture by placing various items in her hands, everything from an iPhone to flowers, and photographing them. The sculpture was donated by philanthropist Elinor Gill Ratcliffe, who grew up in St. John's and attended Bishop Spencer College. She has donated several public art pieces to the City of St. John's, including The Rower at Quidi Vidi, The Skater at Bannerman Park, and A Time at George Street.

Artist bio

Luben Boykov was born in 1960 in Sofia, Bulgaria, and immigrated to Canada in 1990. He is a graduate of the Academy of Fine Arts in Sofia. He has been inducted into the Royal Canadian Academy and awarded the Queen's Diamond Jubilee Medal for his extensive and widespread output of sculptures and exhibitions.

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