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Photograph by Bob Brink

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Southside Mural

by Derek Holmes and April Norman


Blackhead Road, St. John's

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Since 2005, the City of St. John's has commissioned artists to create murals in some of the city's oldest neighbourhoods, celebrating cultural heritage. One of the earliest commissioned works is on the Blackhead Road retaining wall that leads to Shea Heights and Cape Spear. Artists Derek Holmes (1959 - 2019) and April Norman worked closely with the Shea Heights community and the City of St. John’s for the design of the mural depicting important parts of the area’s history and heritage. Other murals by Holmes and Norman are on Duckworth Street, Flower Hill, and Outer Battery Road.

Artist bio

April Norman is a graduate of the BFA program at Grenfell College. Her work, including paintings, prints, murals, billboards and drawings, can be seen all over St. John's. She and Derek Holmes collaborated on ten murals before his passing in 2019.

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