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Photograph by Jessica Winters

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Makkovik Mural Project

by Jessica Winters


Frank's Store, Makkovik

Laura's Lane, Makkovik, NL A0P 1J0

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The Makkovik Mural Project, located on Frank’s General Store in Makkovik, is an artist-led initiative. Inspired by the arts she saw while travelling around the communities in the Arctic and Greenland, Jessica Winters wanted to create a mural for her community.

She received funding from the Government of Nunatsiavut’s Department of Education and Economic Development and began the project in August 2020. Winters invited four local high school students - Jesse James Ford, Seth Ford, Hannah Gear and Michelle Nochasak - to help with the design and paint the artwork. The Makkovik Mural Project is a good example of an artist-led community public art project.

Watch the video and learn how Winters turned her idea into reality.

Artist bio

Jessica Winters is a painter, printmaker and textile artist from Makkovik, Nunatsiavut, NL. Winters attributes her artistic practice to her family of established craftspeople; her mother and grandmother, Blanche and Nellie Winters, are celebrated textile artists. Winters has been heavily influenced by her studies in biology, and hopes to use her work to advocate for the preservation of Inuit culture, values and the surrounding environment. In Makkovik, she is a full-time employee of the Nunatsiavut Government as the Community Energy Lead. This year, Jessica has been awarded the UNAAN LLP Innu/Inuit Artist's Grant and the Arts and Minds Canada Tilting Artist Invitation Award for a residency in Tilting, Fogo.

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