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Photograph by Bob Brink

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The Way We Were in Tapper's Cove

by Ginok Song


Tapper's Cove, Torbay

Torbay, NL A1K 1K6

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Located by the boat launch at Tapper's Cove, the 8ft by 40ft mural tells the history of the place. Artist Ginok Song said, "I tried to depict the life of ordinary people of Tapper's Cove, once an active fishing village. With the cooperation of residents and the Torbay museum, part of the imagery is a real person and historic fishing scene of Torbay."

The Torbay Harbour Authority commissioned the mural in 2015.

Dial the number on the "Sheritage" sign and listen to some personal stories about the place.

Artist bio

Ginok Song is a Korean-Canadian visual artist. Ginok (gin-oak) grew up in the city of Pusan, South Korea. She decided to pursue her interest in art professionally in 1992, then earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts with a major in Painting at Pusan National University, South Korea in 1998. After meeting the love of her life, she moved to St. John’s, NL in 2000. Ginok continued to make art and exhibited throughout the province. Ginok is influenced by Atlantic Realism (or magic realism) and her interest is representation within the realism with a woman’s perspective. Self-knowledge and womanhood deeply concerned Ginok, so she further explored limits and possibilities of women’s representation while pursuing a Masters of Philosophy in Humanities at Memorial University. Ginok persists in her effort to visualize identity, gender ambiguity and difference through the mediums of painting, mural and printmaking. Her works appear in numerous private and public collections in Canada, UK and Korea. Ginok resides and works in Petty Harbour, NL.

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