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Photograph by Bob Brink

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Waiting, Watching, Waiting

by Reinhard Reitzenstein


(Conifer trees, oil, red ochre pigment)

Knight's Cove

Knight's Cove, NL A0C 1T0

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Reinhard Reitzenstein’s site-specific installation of nine inverted trees planted in a semicircle along the causeway in this small rural community was part of the 2017 Bonavista Biennale inaugural exhibition.

Reitzenstein says, “The trees appear to be standing, waiting for Beothuk hunters to return in their canoes, for fishermen to return in their wooden dories and for sealers to return from the ice,” making reference to the history and culture of Newfoundland and Labrador.

The Bonavista Biennale is a month-long exhibition of contemporary art by Indigenous, Canadian and international artists. Artworks are installed at locations across the Bonavista Peninsula. The 2021 exhibition ran from August 14 and September 12.

Artist bio

Reinhard Reitzenstein is based in Grimsby, Ontario. His work is represented in over 50 public and corporate collections internationally. He has been an instructor in sculpture and interdisciplinary studies since 1980 and is currently the Director of the Sculpture Program, SUNY, Buffalo, NY (USA).

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