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Cressie, the Loch Ness of Newfoundland

by Aubrey Oake


Crescent Lake, Robert's Arm

Town entrance to Crescent Lake

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"Cressie" is a lake monster (described as a brown, snake- or eel-like creature, anywhere from 20 to 40 feet long), first sighted in Crescent Lake in Robert's Arm, NL in the 1950s. To encourage visitors to come to the town in the hope of catching a glimpse of Cressie, Robert's Arm erected this statue in 1991, accompanied by a storyboard describing the alleged sightings of Cressie. In the fall of 2019, the "Crafted Beasts" group exhibition at the Craft Council Gallery included a sculpture inpsired by tales of this local lake monster. "For 'Cressie,' Michael Harlick combined forged metal and found bone to build a spooky sculpture one certainly would not want to encounter in the deep, dark waters," wrote Wendy Rose in an article for Saltwire.

For more info, please see this article from CBC and

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