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Photograph by Provincial Seamen's Museum

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Provincial Seamen's Museum Mural

by Jim Myles and Boyd Holloway


Provincial Seamen's Museum, Grand Bank, NL

54 Marine Dr, Grand Bank, NL A0E 1W0

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Located on the exterior wall of the Provincial Seamen’s Museum is a mural designed and painted by Marystown artists Jim Myles and Boyd Holloway depicting aspects of traditional life in Grand Bank. It was created in 2000 and was considered to be the largest mural in Atlantic Canada at the time.

The museum building was erected from the Yugoslavian Pavilion at Montreal’s 1967 World Expo, and purchased by the Government of Newfoundland and Labrador at the same time that it bought the Czechoslovakian Pavilion, which has become the Arts and Culture Centres in Gander and Grand Falls-Windsor.

If you are interested in finding out the story behind the Yugoslavian Pavilion and the museum, follow the link to read more.

Artist bio

Boyd Holloway was born in 1948 in the community of Bloomfield in Bonavista Bay. He established reputation in his community as an artist from a very early age, and began sign painting in 1959 at age 11. He began to experiment with painting in oils at age 12, using house paints and whatever was available. He has now sold paintings to clients across the world. /n He is now retired, but continues to make occasional hand-carved signs with gold leaf and oil paintings from his studio in Spanish Room, on the Burin Peninsula, where he has operated a business since 1973.


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