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Photograph by Brenda Rowe

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The Train Station

by Brenda Rowe


(acrylic on Dibond panels)

Located less than 1 km off the TCH at the Edward P. Fahey Memorial Building, 26 Main St., Glenwood, NL.

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This piece of art was commissioned by the Glenwood Volunteer Fire Department as part of a long-term plan to rejuvenate a former local CN train station for summer events and festivities.

After the building was relocated from the T'Railway site, local fire chief Brian Kinden suggested a wall mural to preserve the historical significance of the building. A photograph from the 1960s, which included the actual building that was moved, was chosen for the mural. Being familiar with artist Brenda Rowe and her tremendous talent, the department decided to commission her for this piece. Brenda’s husband Fred also grew up in Glenwood, making the commission even more meaningful to both the artist and the community.

This beautiful mural may be viewed year round at the Edward P. Fahey Memorial Building, located less than 1 km off the Trans-Canada Highway in Glenwood, NL.

Artist bio

Award-winning artist Brenda Rowe captures iconic scenery and tells stories of life. She also explores flora, fauna, people and heritage in her paintings. In addition to original artwork and murals, Brenda offers her images as wall reproductions and gift products. Brenda has been featured in solo/group exhibitions, TV shows, magazines, and as Artist in Residence. She is a juried member of the Craft Council of Newfoundland & Labrador, an art director with the Torbay Folk Arts Council, and founder of Arts Northeast. Brenda is a certified instructor with 20+ years teaching and offers art classes and workshops. Brenda's studio overlooks the ocean in Torbay, NL.

Brenda Rowe Artwork

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