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Photograph by Bob Brink

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Remembrance Square Statues

by Morgan MacDonald



Remembrance Square, Corner Brook

5 Park St., Corner Brook, NL A2H 2Y8

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Located at Remembrance Square, two life-sized bronze statues of soldiers in uniform and a bronze Caribou mounted on top of the cenotaph provide a visual representation of the sacrifices made by the armed forces. The Square also serves as a site for the annual Remembrance Day ceremony. The Remembrance Square project was led by the Forget-Me-Not Campaign.

Morgan MacDonald’s two soldiers represent two historical periods: a First World War soldier carrying a Lewis machine gun and a Canadian soldier from the Afghanistan War.

The Caribou created by MacDonald is life-sized, smaller than Basil Gotto’s Caribou installed in Bowring Park. A replica of MacDonald’s Caribou can be found at the front entrance to the Caribou Memorial Veterans Pavilion in St. John’s.

Artist bio

Morgan MacDonald holds degrees in Fine Art (Grenfell) and Business (Memorial), and runs his Newfoundland Bronze Foundry from Logy Bay, NL. He uses lost wax casting to create works that are highly realistic and technical in nature with an emphasis on our deepest expressive human qualities. He is the recipient of the Memorial University 2016 Horizon Awards for outstanding achievement under the age of 35.

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