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Pipe Plane Model Replicas

by Dave Moulton and Gary Regular


(aluminum piping)

Multiple locations across the Town of Gander

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In the winter of 1999, Town of Gander staff used spare materials and a bit of creativity to design and construct five pipe frame replicas of popular aircraft. /n "Gary Regular (in our Engineering Department) and Dave Moulton (Municipal Works) had a discussion about what to do with a pile of unused 2-inch steel pipe at the Depot. Dave proposed making outlines of aircraft that were popular around Gander. Gary drew up the drafting designs in a day or two, and a couple of Dave’s employees used a pipe-bending machine to form the shapes, then welded them together. Simple plywood pyramidal bases were constructed to hide the metal support structure," says Brian Williams, Tourism Development Officer with the Town of Gander.

The models and their locations are as follows: Concorde at the corner of the TCH and Cobham Street; de Havilland Fox Moth at the intersection of Elizabeth Drive and Airport Blvd; Lockheed Hudson at the intersection of the TCH and Magee Road; helicopter at the intersection of Gander Bay Road and Magee Road; and float plane at the intersection of Fraser Road and Airport Blvd.

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