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Photograph by Kassandra Simon

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Mi'kmaq Landscape

by Kassandra Simon


(acrylic paint)

Cape St. George

Located on the right side (Women's Centre door) of Benoit First Nation Mi'kmaq Center in Cape St. George

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This mural was commissioned by Benoit First Nation to depict a scene of our Mi'kmaq history.

Artist bio

Kassandra Simon is a Mi’kmaq artist who has been creating art since a young child, inspired by her father who would beautifully craft with wood and her mother who would decorate his projects with paint. She received a Fine Art Diploma from CNA and a Bachelor of Fine Art from NSCAD University. After living away for many years, gathering experience and understanding different cultures, she is happy to be rooted back home, growing with her three young children. Using paint as her voice to depict her conscious connection to mother earth, her work shows her deep passion for translating Indigenous wisdom through art. Working with Benoit First Nation to showcase Mi’kmaq culture through murals to beautify our communities, her dream is creating collaborative creative spaces to inspire her passion for art in our communities, painting for the sake of painting.

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