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Photograph by Kate Fudge

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by Kate Fudge


(outdoor acrylic paint)

10th Avenue, Behind Pasadena Place recreation centre, old swimming pool location in Pasadena, NL

10 Tenth Ave., Pasadena, NL

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Commissioned by the Town of Pasadena with a heritage grant to help revive some of the town's history, this piece also keeps the old swimming pool area fresh and aesthetically pleasing.

Municipal and grant workers worked to remove garbage and glass from around the pool, which was deemed unfit for use years ago, but left as is. A walking trail connects to the bridge and extends around the mural, which was designed and painted by artist Kate Fudge to help brighten up the area. It was also created as a mental health initiative during the COVID-19 pandemic, to help encourage residents to get outside and explore the trails.

Artist bio

Freelance artist Kate Fudge works to create artwork that evokes nostalgia in her community and province, making art pieces that are all about familiar foods, teacups and more from Newfoundland and Labrador. Kate has been working freelance for the past three years around Newfoundland with a focus on custom cartoon portraits, graphic design for local clothing shops, and sewing products with her funky fabric designs.

Kate Fudge Art

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