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Tessier Park Mural

by Benjy Kean


(plywood and paint)

Tessier Park, St. John's

Between Long's Hill and Livingstone Street, downtown St. John's

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In August, 2021, Quadrangle NL and the Tessier Park Neighbourhood Association collaborated to commission this mural as part of a national project called "Let's Paint our Pride" to reflect the themes of reclaiming spaces, resilience, and identity. This mural accompanies a series of initiatives that have been made to give the park a facelift, including the building of a community garden, whereby over 50 volunteers came together and planted more than 180 bulbs, fruit trees and shrubs. More Info

Artist bio

Benjy Kean is an artist living and working in Newfoundland. His work takes many forms including large scale murals, paintings, sculpture, music and video work.

Benjy's Website

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