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Photograph by Bob Brink

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Sealers Memorial

by Morgan MacDonald



Home From the Sea, Elliston

Main St., Elliston, NL A0C 1N0

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The unveiling of the Home From the Sea Sealers Memorial in 2014 marked the 100th anniversary of the 1914 sealing disaster that involved two separate tragedies in which 251 Newfoundland sealers perished.

The site features a life-sized bronze statue created by sculptor Morgan MacDonald, depicting Reuben Crewe and his son Albert John frozen to death in each other’s arms while stranded on the ice. The Crewes were two of the eight men from Elliston who died. Victims and survivors of the disasters are remembered with their name, community and age inscribed on a stone wall.

Artist bio

Morgan MacDonald holds degrees in Fine Art (Grenfell) and Business (Memorial), and runs his Newfoundland Bronze Foundry from Logy Bay, NL. He uses lost wax casting to create works that are highly realistic and technical in nature with an emphasis on our deepest expressive human qualities. He is the recipient of the Memorial University 2016 Horizon Awards for outstanding achievement under the age of 35.

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