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Photograph by Bob Brink

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Monument of Honour

by Morgan MacDonald



Remembrance Square, Conception Bay South

11 Remembrance Square, Conception Bay South, NL A1W 3J1

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The Monument of Honour recognizes the contributions and sacrifices of police forces, fire departments, peacekeepers and military personnel.

Newfoundland sculptor Morgan MacDonald created the bronze figures, a member of the Blue Puttees and a modern female soldier, and the bas-relief of a Royal Newfoundland Constabulary officer, an RCMP officer, a peacekeeper and a firefighter. The two bronze figures are placed next to a granite cenotaph.

Former soldiers Terry and Roxanne Hurley modeled for the bronze figures. You can watch the process of casting these figures using the link here. The annual Memorial Day (July 1) and Remembrance Day (November 11) services are held on-site to honour the contributions and sacrifices of the fallen soldiers.

Artist bio

Morgan MacDonald holds degrees in Fine Art (Grenfell) and Business (Memorial), and runs his Newfoundland Bronze Foundry from Logy Bay, NL. He uses lost wax casting to create works that are highly realistic and technical in nature with an emphasis on our deepest expressive human qualities. He is the recipient of the Memorial University 2016 Horizon Awards for outstanding achievement under the age of 35.

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