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Photograph by Bob Brink

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Coady's Memorial

by Luben Boykov


(Bronze and stone)

Bay Bulls

Northside Rd., Bay Bulls, NL A1S 1R3

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Luben Boykov created this private memorial for the Coady family to remember the loss of Patrick J. Coady and his four crew members while making their return voyage from the fishing grounds to Bay Bulls on October 13, 1994.

Boykov’s design comprises a bronze bird statue rising from a granite boulder, one of the five boulders brought from Bar Haven, Placentia Bay, where Coady was born. Boykov arranged the boulders in a form that is “reminiscent of the bow of a boat,” Boykov says, adding that the symbolic meaning of the bird emerging from the central rock represents the moment that the bird “is ready to take off, at the border between two realms; our own daily reality and the invisible spirit world beyond our earthly existence.”

Artist bio

Luben Boykov was born in 1960 in Sofia, Bulgaria, and immigrated to Canada in 1990. He is a graduate of the Academy of Fine Arts in Sofia. He has been inducted into the Royal Canadian Academy and awarded the Queen's Diamond Jubilee Medal for his extensive and widespread output of sculptures and exhibitions.

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