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Curated tours featuring artworks grouped thematically, with information and guiding questions by six curators from across the province..

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  • You've likely looked at a sculpture many times, but have you ever looked through it? Join Anna Murphy as she takes you on a compelling tour to consider what stories lie in the spaces in between.

  • Public art has been at the centre of many a protest, performance and gathering. How do these pieces inspire action and spark creativity that connects us across time and space? Join Candice Pike for a journey of discovery.

  • Join Jane Walker for this enlightening look into the works of the prolific Bulgarian artist, and learn how they've contributed to the creative and cultural landscape of the province

  • Murals colour our world while helping us make sense of it all. Take a tour with Tanea Hynes to discover some of the pieces in your own backyard that invite you to look at life through a different lens.

  • Monuments memorialize people and events, but sometimes, they're also a painful reminder of a dark and oppressive history. In this thought-provoking tour, Emily Critch sheds light on this timely topic.

  • When you think of women depicted in art throughout history, what comes to mind? From Shanawdithit to Amelia Earhart, the strength, resilience and tenacity of the female figures in Rachel Gilbert's tour will make you think twice

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